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Select the store and location where you would like the Personal Shopper (Zeely)

Select the approximate amount you would like to spend on your purchase.

Select your delivery location

Send shopping request to Zeely

The Zeely will accept your shopping request in minutes

Monitor the Zeely has the make it to the desired store to begin shopping

Once the Zeely arrived at the store, you will receive a notification of their arrival

Now the Shopping session will start through live video chat Select the items you are interest in as the Zeely shows

The Zeely will make the purchase for you and then deliver those products to your home or desired location.

Track the Zeely has they travel to your location to deliver the item

Once the zeely arrived, confirm the arrival and delivery of your products.

Rate the user experience of the Zeely.

Enjoy your purchase and get back to spending your time the way you want to!!

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